Artist Statement

It is often said and even more firmly believed that “When you put your hands in clay, there’s a good chance that you will never want to stop”.  How I got into pottery is still a mystery to me. I remember visiting one of the exhibitions and getting completely fascinated by the shapes and hues a pot could consume. And that is what got my hands dirty(quite literally).But even after this melodramatic sudden rush of creative yearning, it took me 2 years to step out of the rut and go in for the plunge.

Well I did it and how I love it! It's not just the creative fulfilment that comes with every pot I make, but also the inner silence that I live and experience in holding the clay by both hands, giving my thoughts a shape. It is almost like creating an entire universe with the touch of your hand. Come and join me in this peaceful and fulfilling journey with clay.

I have been practicing pottery for almost 12 years now and have been part of various national level exhibitions. Winning the prestigious All India Studio Potter’s Biennale at AIFACS (All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society) in 2017, came as a welcome boost as being an artist in India isn't the easiest of professions. But for a potter, their reward is the immense peace and satisfaction that comes with being one with clay. What I now know is that I have been blessed with a life - long friend (a high maintenance one though)... and immersed in each other's love, we are on a journey, unraveling the mysteries about each other. 

I love wheel throwing and experience immense joy and peace while making wheel thrown pieces. Sgraffito and hand painting my pieces with under-glazes is also something I enjoy doing. I experiment and play a lot with my glazes too, trying to bring uniqueness to every piece I make. I work out of my small home studio.

I love having visitors in my studio, so feel free to come over for a cup of chai, coffee and some clay pe charcha.