Doughnut Blue Neckpiece

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This doughnut shaped neck-piece has a porcelain body.  The raw body is fired at 920 Degree Celsius (bisque firing) to gain strength that lets the potter work with the piece further. This however, is the first of the two successive firing that the piece will go through. The second firing is called the glaze firing at 1260 Degree Celsius which gives the final shape 

So after being tempered by fire (literally!) twice, the piece is finally ready to be converted into a unique piece of jewelry, unlike any other in the universe. 

Cheerfully colorful and oozing in vivaciousness yet extremely elegant and classy, this neck piece is a perfect companion with office wear, casual wear and even party wear. It is up-to your imagination to pair it with the right set of clothes.  

Item Details:

Diameter : Approx 2" wide

Length : 14" brass chain

Shape: Doughnut

Clay Used : Porcelain

Brass is used for all metal fittings

All the neck pieces come in a neat gift-able box.