Pastel on Ceramics - Handmade Pasta Plate/Bowl

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Part of my latest "Pastel on Ceramics" Collection, these approx. 10" wheel thrown handmade pasta plates (or bowls if you prefer to call them that) are just perfect for serving "special occasion" dinners. Wonderful conversation starters, these one of a kind plates are also available as individual pieces for your art collection.

They also make for a wonderfully unique Mother’s Day, housewarming, wedding or birthday gift.

Each piece, handcrafted on the potter's wheel, is fired and lined with soft pastel shades of five different studio made glazes. These glazes are swirled around the plate to give its unique pattern. The piece then goes through a second firing which is a high temperature cone 9 (1260 degrees). Every piece has its unique character and story for the connoisseur to observe and appreciate . That is the beauty of a handmade product...isn't it!

Since all of my pottery is made by hand and finished with studio made glazes, there will be slight variation in size, color and design. I make my pieces in my small home studio in Delhi using high temperature stoneware clay which is double or triple fired at a temperature of 1260 degrees making them highly durable. 

All my pieces are food safe, microwave safe and oven safe.  

Item Details:


    approximately 10" across from rim to rim. 

    approximately 5" across of the central area

    approximately 2" high

Clay Used Stoneware

The product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.