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Inspired by the moon's gentle curve, these ceramic ear studs and neck piece capture celestial elegance in a minimalist design.


The ceramic pieces are made in my Studio itself. The pieces goes through 2 rounds of firing before the 22 Carat gold work is done on them. The pieces are then fired in the kiln which makes the gold permanent, something that can't be removed with water or soap.


The fittings used in the jewlery are all nickel free, hypoallergenic brass so it does not cause any allergies.


Dimension : 

           ceramic piece length:  3 cm (aaprox)

           brass chain length: 23 cm ( approx)


All the metal fittings used in the jewellery are nickel free, hypoallergenic, brass.


Note: This ceramic piece has  been completely made by hand so there maybe variations in the final pieces from the photographed piece.

Chanda Earring Necklace Set | Blue

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