Leaf Snack Plates Small - Set of four

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These small leafy snack plates will surely be the cutest plate in your collection of studio pottery tableware. Completely made by hand in my small home studio using actual banyan leaf impressions, these plates have been made with high temperature stoneware clay body. The color on the plates are all studio made lead free glazes, fired at 1260 degrees, making it completely food safe and microwave safe. Available in four different colors and patterns, you can pick and choose your colors to make a colorful set. In case you see the product to be all sold out, you can always place an order for the same (lead time 20-30 days).

The product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.

Orders might take 10-12 days to dispatch. 

Current available stock:

Blue plate: 2

Olive Green: 1 

Olive Green with brown stripes - 2

Brown Green - 2

Off white - 1 (not in the pic)

Item Details:

Dimensions: Dia: 5.5 inch (approx..)

Clay Used: Stoneware

Microwave Safe

Oven Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Lead Free

Food Safe