Olive Green Necklace Set

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This handmade Necklace and Earring Set comes with square earrings which are paired with a round pendant. The base glaze for the earpiece and necklace is olive green. The understatement of the glaze is then embellished with bold strokes of 22KT GOLD luster lining.

Understated, elegant yet bold is not an easy balance to strike yet this set does it with ease. Perfect for an evening out this set is versatile enough to be worn on a dash to the local supermarket.


Material used:

Stoneware/Porcelain Clay

22KT Gold Luster

Brass Accessories  


Pendant :  1 and 3/4" diameter

                  28" brass chain  

Earrings : 1.5" length of the ceramic piece

                2.5" from the top of the wire to the bottom of the piece


All the sets come in a neat gift box!