Journey of an Artist

Spinning the wheel : My way

It is often said and even more firmly believed that “When you put your hands in clay, there’s a good chance that you will never want to stop”.  How I got into pottery is still a mystery to me. All I remember is visiting one of the exhibitions and getting completely fascinated by the shapes and hues a pot could consume. And that is what got my hands dirty(quite literally).But even after this melodramatic sudden rush of creative yearning, it took me 2 years to step out of the rut and go in for the plunge. Well I did it and how I love it! It's not just the creative fulfilment that comes with every pot I make, but also the inner silence that I live and experience in holding the clay by both hands, giving my thoughts a shape. It is almost like creating an entire universe with the touch of your hand. Come and join me in this peaceful and fulfilling journey with clay.